1. Coffee

Where do you roast your coffee?

Our roastery and packaging facility is located in Chicago, IL where we always roast to order.

Is coffee, like produce, seasonal?

Yes! And like seasonal produce, coffee is best when it is freshest from the farms on which it is grown. In fact, we refer to our two annual coffee buying periods as seasons, each of which corresponds with the peak of harvest in a different part of the world. Across most of the Northern Hemisphere, the harvest is busiest during our winter months, and we introduce these northern season coffees to our menu beginning in the spring. Southern Hemisphere coffees are generally harvested in late spring and early summer, and these southern season coffees find their way onto our menu starting in the fall. Regardless of the season, we mark all our freshest single-origin coffees as ‘In Season’ to let you know they are less than nine calendar months removed from harvest. You can learn more here.

Where are you currently sourcing your coffee?

Intelligentsia sources coffee from dozens of Direct Trade suppliers in 14 countries around the world. Our Northern Season origins are located in North America and East Africa: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Our Southern Season origins are located in South America and Central Africa: Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Peru, and Rwanda.

02. Shopping & Shipping

Where can I buy your coffee?

On our website, in one of our retail locations, or through one of our wholesale partners. Where are you located? We can help guide you to the nearest location.

How do I know which coffee is right for me?

If you are unsure what to pick you can take our flavor profile quiz here. It takes about 2 minutes to complete.

What are your special selection coffees?

Our special selection coffees are our most premium, small lot single origin coffees. Many have won awards at various coffee competitions. They are only available as whole bean in 7oz bags from our Chicago Roasting Works. They are roasted according to a weekly or every other week cadence and will be fulfilled separately from the rest of the items in your order. Please refer to the product page for the roasting schedule.

How do I buy wholesale?

Please visit our Wholesale Support page.

03. Coffeebars

Where are your coffeebars located?

Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, New York City, and Boston. Learn more here.

Are you hiring?

Please check out our career page for available positions here.

Where are you opening next?

We are always looking for the next great location. When one is in the works, we will be sure to announce it. Have an idea? Let us know.

04. Subscriptions

What are my options for subscriptions?

We have a variety of subscription options including blends, espresso, decaf, and single origins! You can learn more about the options here.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You have total control over your subscription in the My Subscriptions section of your Account. Cancel, skip orders, or postpone your subscription at any time.