Fine Robusta: Coffee trend of the future

Fine Robusta is a popular concept in recent years, referring to Robusta coffee beans that are graded to the “Fine” threshold by R Grader. According to the World Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), coffee is called Fine Robusta when it meets strict criteria for flavor and taste, with a tasting score of 80/100 points or more by rich experts. experience. Simply put, Fine Robusta is a premium Robusta line that meets strict procedures from planting to harvesting and processing.

So far, Vietnam is known as the largest exporter of Robusta coffee in the world. However, Robusta coffee has historically been considered a lower quality bean than Arabica coffee and has a much lower price, only commonly used for caffeine extraction or instant coffee processing.

The appearance of Fine Robusta makes Vietnamese coffee beans more noticeable, and opens a new direction to improve the value of this agricultural product.

Seminar “Finding the perfect coffee taste through the latest coffee trends.

“Recently, major coffee companies around the world started using Fine Robusta in their coffee products. Many people talk about Fine Robusta”, Mr. Tu Vu, founder of Refined Coffee, shared at the seminar “Finding the perfect coffee taste through the latest coffee trends” within the framework of the Food & Drink Conference. Vietnamese drinks 2023.


Tu Vu said with Refined Coffee, 2 years ago, he started carrying his backpack to the Central Highlands to find input materials for his shop. That’s when he found the fine grain called Fine Robusta. During research and testing, he realized that Fine Robusta has its own strengths and weaknesses. To overcome that weakness, the founder thought of ways to mix nuts together. And coincidentally last year, many coffee roasters around the world are also following this trend.

“The world has begun to pay attention to Fine Robusta. They are curious how the beans need to be roasted. Like but when we process fish, not all fish are cooked the same,” Tu Vu said.

“Arabica beans need different roasting; Robusta beans need other roasting. When I was learning about coffee, my teacher was also teaching Europeans how to roast Robusta beans, so it took some time before Vietnam’s Fine Robusta beans were widely available to the world. At least for now, people understand that Robusta is also a good-tasting nut, not just a bean to extract caffeine. They have paid attention and seriously investigated, there are products made from Robusta beans.”

Photo: Refined coffee.

Agreeing with Tu Vu, Lacàph brand representative said that Fine Robusta is not the current trend but it is the trend of the future. In the past, coffee shops mixed a variety of beans to reduce costs; Currently, they aim to create perfect cups of coffee, in harmony with taste.

Mr. Timen Swijtink, Founder of Lacàph also emphasized that Vietnam has great potential compared to other coffee producing countries. Vietnam is one of the few countries that can independently produce and develop coffee.

“Not every country can grow their own coffee beans and build a supply chain that can transport goods in just six hours like Vietnam,” said Lacàph representative.

He said that in Vietnam, Robusta beans account for 94% of the national coffee bean production. So “coffee farms need to change to prioritize quality over quantity,” thereby producing high-quality Robusta beans, and more delicious cups of coffee. Throughout this process, local farmers play an important role in the domestic coffee industry. Therefore, Lacàph’s main mission is to support local coffee farmers and promote Vietnamese coffee to the world.

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