Machines and nuts push the price of coffee

According to experts, the price of a drink depends on many different factors and each brand will also have its own set of customers.

Young people are willing to spend more than 100,000 VND for a cup of coffee. Photo: SIGNATURE by The Coffee House.

Binh Tran (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City) started to have a habit of drinking coffee every day since going to work. The female office worker said that from a cup of coffee 20,000 VND to more than 100,000 VND, she has tried it all.

“The price of coffee will be different at each price. A few tens of thousands of dong is the price for a cup of milk coffee I buy at the roadside carts. When I enter the shop, the price must be higher because besides coffee coffee, you’re still buying the brand there,” Binh commented.

Price is made up of many factors

In business, the price of a drink is calculated based on many different costs such as premises, materials, packaging, operating fees, etc.

In terms of raw materials, Mr. Phan Hoang Minh Luan, trainer of Mellower Coffee system, said that robusta is the most commonly used coffee bean in Vietnam. This nut has a characteristic taste of chocolate, so it goes well with condensed milk.

Besides robusta, some brands also use arabica beans. The choice of this depends on the taste and flavor that the restaurant is aiming for. However, it is not enough to just consider the type of grain to price the product.

According to the definition of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), arabica beans below 80 points on a 100-point scale according to this organization’s grading criteria will be in the commercial coffee segment.

Usually, the big guys in the coffee industry or specialty coffee shops will choose premium coffees with high prices.

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The price of a cup of coffee is made up of many different factors. Photo: Ngoc Nhung.


Sharing with Zing, Huyen Nhu, deputy manager of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, said that the price of each cup of coffee at her shop is not less than 100,000 VND.

“The taste of a cup of coffee also depends on the type of bean. The shop also changes the types of coffee beans according to the season. For each type of coffee bean, changing the way of brewing will give a different taste. Coffee enthusiasts Coffee will quite like this way of making it,” Nhu said.

In the same opinion, %Arabica management also shares that one of its own and affects the prices of products is the type of grain that the chain uses.

“Shops around the world use arabica seeds. Each region is a different type of Arabica, depending on natural conditions. However, the price difference between branches is not affected by this. but depends on the exchange rate of each country,” the manager shared.

In addition, the representative of the coffee brand from Japan also said that the quality of a cup of coffee, in addition to the type of beans used, also depends on the brewing method and tools such as grinders, espresso machines, etc.

According to Minh Luan, machines in the low-priced segment will certainly not be as durable as high-end products. At the same time, it also only produces products and can be used with quality in the price range.

This taste added that machine-brewed coffee is becoming more and more popular because brewing saves time but the quality is not inferior to the traditional filter method.

Have a separate client file

According to iPOS’s report on the food business market in Vietnam in 2022, many Vietnamese are willing to spend more than 40,000 VND for each coffee trip.

A random survey of 3,940 people living in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi shows that 58% of diners are willing to spend 40,000 VND or more for each drink.

In which, 44% are willing to spend 41,000-70,000 VND for mid-range beverage brands such as Highlands Coffee, Phuc Long, The Coffee House… and 14% are willing to spend from 70,000 VND for beverage brands high-end like Starbucks, Runam Bistro…

According to the survey results, the number of people willing to spend over 70,000 VND accounts for a lower proportion. This means that the group of customers interested in high-end products in Vietnam is a small group.

ca phe cao cap, gia ca phe, latte, thuong hieu ca phe, ca phe tang gia, hat ca phe anh 2
The premium coffee segment has its own set of customers. Photo:  SIGNATURE by The Coffee House.

Huyen Nhu agrees with the above view. She said the drinks at her shop are quite picky, only suitable for customers who can drink coffee. In return, the bar’s drinks are quite appreciated with the group of customers who understand this product.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh, F&B operations expert, the positioning of target customers equal to brand positioning is also a factor leading to product pricing.

Customers will feel that they can express their lifestyle and class with high-positioned products and brands. They are also willing to pay more when the service is handled quickly, happily and friendly or the drink has a special taste, beautiful space, view and prime location compared to other brands. .

In addition to the above factors, in order to raise the product price beyond the above threshold, according to Mr. Hoang Trung Minh, co-founder of a coffee shop and have many years of experience in consulting setup in the field of F&B, units are forced to invest. add other factors such as space, packaging, service quality…

With tangible values ​​such as weight or quantity, diners will easily accept. However, if you want to raise the price of products with intangible values ​​such as space, music, experience when enjoying drinks… not everyone understands and is willing to pay.

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